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Why settle for a standard website when you can have one that truly sets you apart? At Retox Digital, we specialise in crafting digital experiences designed to resonate with your audience. We serve as your digital architects, meticulously curating every element to ensure that your brand identity shines consistently across all platforms.

Targeted Services with a Cohesive Visual Strategy Consider your website as a centralised digital ‘signpost,’ an engaging visual journey that guides your audience to a diverse range of services. Through the integration of eye-catching graphics and interactive elements, we design not merely to dazzle but to encourage action through customised Calls to Action (CTAs). Whether your aim is to generate phone calls or fill enquiry forms, we turn your site’s visitors into committed customers.

Striking Imagery for a Varied Audience Our design strategy involves the selective curation of imagery that sets the tone for your brand, targeting both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. From corporate-themed visuals to lifestyle-oriented images, we have all your bases covered.

More than Just a Service Portfolio Beyond your core services, we enrich your website with value-added content that resonates with your audience. Imagine an ‘About Us’ section that provides more than just information, or a ‘Resources’ page replete with downloadable content that bolsters your brand’s authority.

Custom-Built for Flexibility and Coherence Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all template approach. We use WordPress to create custom templates tailored to your business. From your homepage to your contact details, each page on your website is a harmonious blend of brand consistency and individualised customisation.

Why choose WordPress?

Join the ranks of global giants by choosing WordPress, the world’s leading Content Management System, trusted by over 34 million websites including iconic names like The Walt Disney Company and Rolling Stones. At Retox Digital, we go beyond mere compliance; we ensure all our websites meet Section 508/WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines. This guarantees that your website is not just secure, but also accessible to all users, making inclusivity a standard feature rather than an optional extra.

We make SEO a cornerstone, not an add-on. Through SEO-friendly URLs and expertly crafted meta titles and descriptions, we maximise your site’s search engine ranking. Coupled with robust content management systems, Retox Digital empowers you to adapt swiftly in ever-changing markets. Choose us for a streamlined, impactful web development experience.

Smooth Transition from Umbraco to WordPress

Are you currently managing your website on Umbraco or another CMS platform and contemplating a move to WordPress? With Retox Digital, the switch is not only smooth but also packed with opportunities to elevate your website’s performance and manageability. Unlike the rigidity that comes with some platforms like Umbraco, WordPress offers unparalleled flexibility and a user-friendly interface, allowing for effortless content updates and site management.

Our all-inclusive migration service takes care of all critical facets of your existing website. From securely transferring essential data—such as page content, images, and meta settings—to ensuring your SEO rankings are preserved, we provide a comprehensive transition plan. If your Umbraco site or other CMS platform has unique functionalities or customised features, you can rest easy knowing that these will be meticulously redeveloped in your new WordPress environment. Following the migration, we conduct an extensive series of quality assurance tests to guarantee that your new WordPress site is free of glitches and offers a seamless user experience.

In addition, Retox Digital provides post-migration training and ongoing support to make sure you’re fully comfortable managing your new WordPress site. With our expertise and commitment, transitioning from Umbraco or another CMS to WordPress is not just easy; it’s a strategic move to empower your online presence. Make the switch today with Retox Digital and unlock the full potential of your website.

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