Okkulo Soccer

Okkulo Soccer has developed a unique training system that helps individuals across the North East to reach their goals and improve their overall competitive performance. We worked with Okkulo’s creative agency to develop this website based on their design specifications.

Rather than scrolling images as the banner on this website, Okkulo decided that their expertise would be better presented through video. The team at Retox Digital were able to implement a high quality, professional video into the site without having to compromise on site load speed or other SEO aspects which may have been affected meaning that the site is built to rank successfully on all major search engines. The bespoke features on this site allow Okkulo to present their scientific expertise to their unique audience through diagrams, expanders and video and image galleries.

Working in collaboration with other creative agencies is always exciting and inspiring and everyone involved was delighted with the finished product.

What We Did

Website Development Project For Gateshead Based Company


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