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Here at Retox Digital we have tried and tested processes for designing and developing great websites that deliver results. Our Newcastle team bring a range of different design and development skills and disciplines in to play to create a perfect site.  These skills include UX design principles so you site is built with the user in mind.  Graphic and multi-media design skills so your website looks great on any device to digital marketing and SEO techniques to ensure your site is seen by search engines and attracts traffic.

Here are some of the key tips we recommend you follow to help you make sure that your new website works hard for your business, no matter who designs or develops it.

  • Identify the key objectives for your website – what do you expect it to achieve. 
  • How will you gauge or measure your website’s success? – make sure they are  tangible, measurable results
  • Put yourself in the shoes of your customer – what do they need from you?  What motives their decision to buy?
  • Who are your customers, what are they interested in, demographics, locations, behaviours?
  • What will set you a part from your competitors?   Why should someone buy from you rather than someone else?
  • Think about your customer’s journey on your website and make sure your site is designed from their perspective and not driven by your own internal business structures or divisions.
  • Avoid themes – you can’t stand out if you look the same as everybody else!

Whilst the above points might sound simple, you’d be surprised at how many business owners concentrate on the aesthetics of a website rather than the user experience, how their customers buy and what differentiate their business offering from their competitors.

Work your way through the tips above and document your thoughts/answers.   When you have these, you will have a much clearer picture of what needs to be included in your new site, where things need to be positioned and how your customers will journey around your site. 

At this stage we would produce a wireframe diagram of where information and features/functionality should be positioned on your page.  This wireframe will then be used in the final design process where we produce visuals of how your website will look.

 If you’d like some advice or a free consultation about website design and development just give us a call on 01670 785786   



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