Ways to increase user interaction

Would you like to attract new customers and reduce your website’s bounce rate?

Did you discuss this with your web company at the onset of your new website design and build?

If the answer is no you need to read on, here’s 10 Ways to increase User Interaction which is critical to the success of any website.

By thinking about improving the way people interact with your website, you will be able to deliver a better user experience, increase the website traffic and grow your business. 

User interaction provides a great opportunity to collect data about new and existing customers.  You can use this data to then make business decisions, as well as improve any part of your website or business that affects your buyer’s journey. 

A website that is not interacting with anyone is not giving any value or benefit to your business.  When we design and develop sites for our clients we always advise to keep the website visitors experience in mind so you can boost website visits, engagement and improve the user experience or UX as its also referred to.

Here’s 10 easy ways to increase user interaction on your website. 

Engaging Content

To interact with website visitors and acquire new customers whilst decreasing your website bounce rate, start with your site content.  I am referring to content such as blog posts, case studies, and videos and not forgetting any old content.  Content needs to be optimised for search engines – you would be amazed at how many sites don’t even have this most basic requirement. Ensure the content is written for your audiences.  Refresh old content with new stats, people don’t want to see content that was generated years ago.  When content is not up to date you could assume that the business is no longer trading? Also think about including images and videos in your blog posts too.


Live Chat is great so you can engage quickly with visitors and turn them into customers. Your customer’s experience of your website will increase hugely when they can quickly get their questions answered via chat instead of having to call in or wait on hold to speak to someone. 

Call to Actions – We call them CTA’s

Strong and relevant CTA’s on your website will help you grab the attention of your website visitors.  This helps increase the user interaction whilst achieving some business goals such as email subscriptions, sales, sign-ups and a lot more.  If you want your site visitors to take action immediately and to convert, then CTA’s will allow this to happen.  We always urge thinking strategically and creatively about CTA’s it’s not enough just to place a button on your site there’s actually more to think about.  The words you use, the size of the button etc. Remember it needs to do it’s job when viewed on a mobile device too.

Turning off auto play on videos

This is a real annoyance to many people, they arrive on your site with a purpose in mind and are hit with a loud video straight in their face, picture the scene there in a quiet place, their computer is on automatically high volume – you re guaranteed to have an increase in bounce rates as they leave your website quicker than they entered it.  Let your visitors decide when to play your videos and you will see an increase in user interaction and reduce bounce rates. 

Invite Comments on your Blog

Providing a space where your blog readers can engage with you is an excellent way to improve the user experience with your content. It invites feedback and gives the reader the ability to post their point of view etc. Again this isn’t for everyone but is another good idea to encourage interaction.


Find out what your customers and potential customers want and what is preventing them from buying from you.  Done right this can give you an even higher level of user interaction, seek expert advice though or it could have the reverse effect.

Pop Ups (but, not too many)

They can be a bit in your face but done right can be ideal to interact when promoting something new or an offer. 

Easy Navigation

During the design process of your new website and the design of your navigation make sure it is really easy to find and use.  Visitors are really impatient and they aren’t going to stay on the website if they have a difficult time finding their way around it.  Make sure the navigation bar is the same throughout your website and title each section in an obvious manner.  Stay away from internal jargon visitors will not understand.  Remember, less is more, keep the navigation at the top, remind your users where they are each time they click into a different section of your site. 

Have a Subscription option

Think about how you can continue the relationship with site visitors so it doesn’t end after their first visit it can continue with ongoing communication.  This could be by offering your visitors an option to opt into a blog subscription or email newsletter, you are then continuing and strengthening the relationship with customers who visit your site. 

Social Shares

Get the site visitors to do some of the work of promoting your site to their own social circles.  By including social sharing tools on your site you will increase your website traffic.  Place social sharing widgets on your blog or whatever you are selling so visitors can easily share the content. Visitors who choose to interact with your social sharing button are very close to becoming loyal brand followers.

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