Umbraco should be your first choice for your Content Management System

After a recent blog about Umbraco v Word Press we published here on the Retox website, I was thrilled to receive some very positive feedback and enquirers.  One lovely contact has pointed me in the direction of a blog entitled “Umbraco is like Lego – the old fashioned stuff” by Mayfly Media. Some of you may consider this a controversial post, not sure if this blog actually got any backlash but as far as we are concerned it is spot on.  Like this blogger we too have worked with many interface designers and IA’s who feel liberated when they have started working with Umbraco.  This blog was published in 2014 but is still as relevant today.  By sharing the link below I hope you find it useful and insightful too.  It puts even more meat on the bones as to why any organisation should seriously consider Umbraco as their first choice for a Content Management System.

Apparently Word Press power over one third of the worlds websites – It’s well known and I agree so widely used.  Lets not forget though it was always meant to be used for blogging and as the blog says “it’s calling itself a CMS now”.   

We are regularly asked for WordPress – that’s fine, great, cool, when I ask why Word Press,  it is always because the person or organisation is not aware of other choices available, namely Umbraco.  On my travels, in particular when at networking events and seminars I am rarely no more than an arms length  away from the army of self employed/freelance Word Press Developers who are keen to promote Word Press as a cost effective option. Well not wanting to upset anyone I think I will let you read the blog and decide for yourself then contact me and I will give you a demonstration of Umbraco.

Here’s the link to the blog www.mayflymedia.co.uk/blog/miscellaneous/umbraco-is-like-lego-the-old-fashioned-stuff

I would love to hear your feedback or like I said contact me Julie Charlton on 01670 785 786, Lets have a chat over a coffee.

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