The Business Challenges of COVID19

Covid19 lockdown has made us all look at how we do business and take stock of where we are and how we need to change in order to maintain social distancing whilst running our businesses in future.

Digital transformation for many will play a key role in helping businesses deliver to and communicate with their customers in future. Many will look for it to provide solutions  to operational issues brought about by the COVID19 pandemic and all the uncertainty it brings.

We are fortunate in that our own business is used to delivering services remotely using Zoom, Skype and other technology to run projects effectively for clients from around the globe. Helping clients discover new ways of working is something we do regularly as part of our work, many of our projects are about finding solutions to problems and helping companies improve how they communicate and transact with customers.   

Click ‘n’ Collect, full online shopping solutions, easy online payment and ordering transactions, web forms, chatrooms, secure forums, video, audio tutorials and webcasts are just some of the features that are helping the businesses we work with navigate through the challenges of lockdown and social distancing. 

In a world that has changed dramatically in the space of a few weeks, for so many businesses the only option is to move forward and find new ways of working, 

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