Spread the Word… Retox launch Ping for all your email marketing needs

After many years of working with clients in the development of unique and bespoke e-marketing tools for their businesses we have decided to launch a system which is suitable for all business types, shapes and sizes. 

Ping is a system to provide a central hub for creating and managing electronic communications such as newsletters, mailers and SMS messaging as well as providing data collection tools which will allow you to build contact groups and manage how you engage with them.

 The system is available on a low cost lease basis or for larger organisations if you wish to purchase the system white labelled to your company.

After listening to our clients we are confident that we have a system which is very easy to use, flexible to meet your exact needs which means you only pay for what you need and if and when you need more features we can open them up to you.

We will provide you with everything you need to get started, highly creative and professional branded templates and easy to use screens so that anyone with just basic PC Skills can create and send well designed newsletters out in minutes.

With many features similar to Microsoft Word and preview screens you will be able to view exactly how your communication is shaping up.

When you’re ready you then choose the recipients from your contact bank and schedule it to be sent.

The system will track sent emails and record who opens them.  You will be able to report on which articles have been clicked on so you can identify who is interested in certain articles on newsletters.  There is also an unsubscribe just in case.

Creating quality, branded mail messages works in a similar way to the newsletters.  You will choose the appropriate template which we will provide you with in advance, again using very easy input screens to add your message before you schedule the emails for despatch.

SMS Messaging

This feature provides a quick and simple tool for creating SMS messages and sending them out to multiple recipients. We can purchase SMS credits on your behalf and the system takes care of everything else.


The Events feature is used to create an online registration form for an event where you want people to let you know they are coming along to an event you may have arranged.  Using simple screens a user can create an online event registration form which they can publish on a website include as a link in a newsletter, mailer or SMS message.

A record of who has registered will be stored in the contact bank so you can see at a click of a button who has signed up.  This is ideal for sending follow-up reminders via SMS.

Question Bank

This system will provide you with a unique way of collecting additional data from recipients in the form of online questions which can be added to the event registration forms.  When creating questions you can choose whether it requires a single or multiple choice answers and weight the various answers for sifting responses.

Contact Banks and Image Banks are also an integral part of the system.  The system automatically resizes images based on the templates or news article style they are being used in. The Contact Bank will manage contacts/recipients groups.  The contact details can be saved directly in to the system from any web forms, registration forms or other online activity where data is collected.

My advice to anyone who is interested or currently struggles with their e-marketing activities should get in touch for a demonstration, we will only provide a quote for your exact needs – lets have a chat!

Contact me Julie Charlton 01670 785 786 email. julie.charlton@retoxdigital.com

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