Spot our Retox Range Rover

Well it’s that time of year again, it’s nearly Christmas the mornings are cold and dark, the evenings are even colder and visibility is pretty poor on the Blagdon Estate.                                                                    

Nevertheless still a beautiful place to be but we do get out and about quite a bit, client appointments, Network meetings etc etc….  The odd shopping trip!

We like to be fit for business and make sure we can get through all weathers to be where we need to be.

There’s only one thing for it…  The Retox Range Rover is coming out to play (Formerly known as the Retox Bus) aka ex Chelsea Tractor.

To make the dark mornings and evening more fun we thought we would brighten your day up by offering a competition to all of our followers.  If you see the Retox Range Rover, take a pic and upload it onto our Facebook page saying where you saw it and we will enter you into a prize draw for Champagne no less.

Oh and while you are on our Facebook page, please like us and make sure you follow us on Twitter.

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