Retox your Inbound Marketing

So you think you have a great website, it looks the part it’s focused on what it needs to do, to generate the life blood of your business, sales, leads and promote your brand etc. etc.

But nothing….  Here’s why

So far you have built your business with great products and services, a sales team and some solid connections over the years, but is this enough to take you further in today’s digital age?

Everything s a click away and the markets are saturated with options, even big brands have to now rely on well-strategised, customer-centric marketing activities to beat off any competition that may also be a click away.

Innovation is the key to success, if you’re set in your ways and trapped in doing sales the way you have always then please read on, this blog applies to you.  Ever thought about what would happen if you took a step away from cold calling towards inbound marketing, here are some reasons you should reconsider your future strategy.

Before we do, here’s an old sales mantra, I don’t know where it came from, I just know that I tend to think about it often and it makes a load of sense

“To be successful be prepared to do what others don’t or won’t”

  1. Take a different perspective on how you generate business

If I told you business will come to you would you believe me?  There is a huge opportunity for you to achieve this and make the leap to inbound marketing, this will allow you to dominate your market organically and let’s leads come to you so you can capture them at the right moment.

  1.  Websites make first and last impressions

A massive part of your inbound marketing strategy includes search engine optimisation or also known as SEO supported by being focussed on the users experience (UX) and supported by lead nurturing and conversion tools and activities.  Mobile technology gives our customers immediate access to the internet and that is how we ourselves search for solutions to our needs and problems.  Its basic stuff but when your target market wants your goods or services they will pull out their mobile phone and do a quick search and consider the options.

I hope you agree that your website is a first impression of your business, first impressions don’t just last; they can determine your target markets choice between you and your competitors.  Put yourself in their shoes and think through their decision making process, it will help you plan your website to be search engine optimised, visually appealing, mobile friendly, easy for them to quickly identify what they want, give client feedback or reviews that prove you do what you say and lastly call to action points that will convert them into a lead or a sale – get them to do something as a result of visiting your website, contact you, visit you, email you, etc. etc.  The last thing anyone wants is for them to move on to a competitor’s site because they have been disappointed by what they have seen on your site.

Remember your competitors are only a click away.  Taking the time to allocate your marketing budget to build a meaningful site where you can stage your inbound marketing strategy will secure an impact you will really want.  You will also be able to measure what works and analyse every step of the way then adjust to what is working for you.

  1.  Demonstrate your track record of success

We all want a job done by a successful company who will do things correctly.  As part of an inbound marketing campaign we need your customers to become loyal followers.  As part of your workflow ask for feedback and use it online to build a positive online reputation.

  1.  Most searched for

The most searched for phrases in Google start with “How to”.  This is a huge opportunity for your company to be found and become the trusted thought leader in your industry by providing your target market with valuable information regarding their questions and interests relevant to your expertise.  This will position your company as a true resource, and one that wants to help people in their time of need.  This can be in the form of how to blogs, videos, webinars etc.

  1.  Get to know what you  don’t know

Inbound marketing enables you to back every piece of your marketing strategy with analysis.  From knowing your buyer personas, their behaviour, likes and dislikes to tracking what campaigns are working, what is the impact of your strategy and what you need to adjust.  Inbound marketing will allow you to be ahead of your competitors.

 Don’t be caught out by having a website which is all front and no action.   

If your competitors are still relaying on old fashioned ways to generate sales, they are not doing it the smart way.  They probably spend huge amounts of money on traditional marketing strategies that yield little results and are hard to measure and un-trackable.

If you need any more convincing here’s a great source of information about the impact that inbound marketing really has and some very interesting statistics from Hubspot


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