Making Websites Affordable

Here at Retox Digital HQ, we’re always surprised to hear our clients aren’t aware of the ways to make their website design and build more affordable.

Grant funding is available right across the UK to help businesses to reduce the cost of a wide range of business support services, including website design and build.

Although Retox Digital works with companies UK wide as well as Internationally, not surprisingly our bread and butter is working with businesses which are local to us in the North East. By applying for a grant through NBSL, companies in the region can get up to 35% or even 40% of funding towards a website design and build, amounting to up to £3,200 of essentially free money for your business.

This applies to both established businesses and start ups, which can help to drive down the cost of even reasonably priced high quality websites, such as those we design and build here at Retox Digital.

We keep in touch with the team at NBSL, and hear that the current scheme is scheduled to expire in March 2023 – so they highly recommend that businesses apply for the grant funding before the end of December 2022 at the very latest.

We design and build high quality websites which help our clients to improve their web visibility, drive sales through e-commerce, and generate new business.

We would love the opportunity to do the same for you.

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