How Useful are Blogs really?


You’ve had a website built and all is going well, you are climbing the search engine results and appearing on the first page of Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and more. Your web company has added all the important information to get your website where it needs to be at the time of launch, meta details, alt text, H1 tags and the content your users will be looking for and you’re proud of your new site. But how do you keep your users and, more importantly, search engines like Google interested in your site once the site is built and handed over for you to manage?

Going years without making big adjustments to your page tells Google that you are no longer active online, that your page is not offering information that is as recent as your competitors’ website who update their content once a week. The way to keep your new site performing well, or to get your older site back up the Search Engine rankings, is to keep adding, adjusting and updating the content on your site. By this, we don’t mean changing a word here and there because Google and other platforms won’t recognise small text updates as a change worth reporting. Every couple of months, you will want to remind Google that you are active and that you have up-to-date news, offers, services or information to provide your users with.

We know that updating your whole website every couple of months is not a realistic expectation, and so does Google, but updating a page here and there can do wonders for your position on search engines. A great way to boost your content, update your site and encourage users to visit is by posting Blog or News updates on your site. This means you don’t have to scour your site every few months to find a page worth updating or filling pages with content which is not offering new information to your customers. It does mean that you can offer your customers new perspectives on industry news, updates within your business and any offers or tips you may have to give your customers.

Informative blog or news posts will not only be appreciated by the likes of Google but will also encourage users to click on your website more from search engines and Social Media platforms as well. By posting your new articles on Social Media, this will inform your followers of your recent activity and, as a bonus, will tell Google that you are active on other parts of the web as well, encouraging it to boost your rankings on your social accounts too.

Now you can rest easy knowing that your website will not only look great but will also be found on the major search engines.



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