Have Your Buying Habits Changed Since Covid?

Have your buying habits changed since Covid?

We saw Covid drive huge digital changes across most business sectors as retailers, restaurants, bars and B2B companies used technology to manage everything from takeaways to transport.  

Many businesses had little choice other than embrace digital technologies and move their businesses online.   For some it was a scramble to find a quick solution and for others it was a complete shift to convert an offline model to online.

Now as normality returns, it’s a good time to take stock, review what worked and what didn’t.  

Throughout all of this change the need for a responsive and flexible website with an easily to use content management system has been key.   If you have struggled to update your website content and features during COVID then it will have impacted on your ability to do business.  

As things start to return to normal, it makes sense to review what you do and how you do it

Here are our tips for a post Covid Digital Review

  • Review the issues you had in lockdown 
  • What role did your website and technology play?
  • What worked, what didn’t?
  • Did you struggle to update content on your website, deal with queries, take payments, orders etc?
  • Check out your Google Analytics and review how your customers used your site and how they interacted with your business and content
  • Get a health check on your website and make sure it’s fully optimised for SEO
  • Review online orders or bookings – is the technology you are using right for you and how you work?

We work with a range of different businesses and technology delivering website design and development, content management systems, eCommerce and online ordering and booking systems.   If you need some expert advice or support, then give us a call today.

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