Google Search Results for Solicitors

Where do people look when they need information? Online of course!

Technology has changed how everyone consumes information and searching on the internet is the number one way of accessing this information. Looking for a solicitor or legal services is no exception and if your business isn’t well represented and highly visible online then you’re missing out.

Here are some of the popular searches on google in the UK, adding up to staggering numbers each month and trends show they continue to grow.  Can you afford to miss out on these searches?

  • Solicitors searched 2.4 million a month
  • Lawyers searched 1.8 million a month
  • Conveyance solicitor 27,100 a month
  • Employment solicitor 33,000 a month
  • Family solicitors 33,100 a month

Research shows that using search engines to find a solicitor most people use generic search terms e.g. ‘Solicitor north east’  ‘injury lawyer Newcastle’

Is your website fit for its purpose and highly visible on the major search engines, is it fit to compete in a world where consumers research and locate what they want online?

If like many law firms, your website hasn’t been designed with search engines in mind, then you won’t be appearing high on the search results pages.  Chances are the site won’t be mobile friendly either so many users will struggle with your site even if they do find it.

Don’t rely on a website that requires potential customers to key in your domain name in order to be found. Let us help you take a closer look at how your marketing strategies stack up in a digital world.

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