Getting To Grips With SEO

The problem with SEO (search engine optimisation) is it just keeps evolving. You no sooner have got to grips with mastering how to get the best results from Google and they go and change/update their algorithm. Often small changes are made that go un-noticed however from time to time they bring out major upgrades and the impact can be felt immediately.

Staying ahead of SEO trends is about remaining focused on what search engines such as Google are trying to achieve. Googles success relies on them being able to provide their users with the best possible search return results. Their algorithms are therefore focused on delivering relevance and matching a users’ keyword search criteria with what is the most authoritative, reliable and up to date information available.

Google is user centric, so keeping your own focus on what customers want and need from your website will undoubtedly pay dividends.

SEO continues to evolve and as quick as marketeers find ways to manipulate and in some cases hijack results, the algorithms are changed.  

Best advice is to stay user-focused and what makes for a good user experience. So here are a few tips to get your started.


  1. Speed of download – make sure your site download speed is under 5 seconds
  2. Quality content – think about the information your customers need
  3. Properly format and code your pages/site   
  4. Make sure your site is mobile friendly
  5. Include search keywords on page and in meta tags
  6. Integrate and encourage social media sharing
  7. Keep URLs simple, clean and focused
  8. Build Links – externally and internally


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