Fall in love with SEO

SEO is your best friend when it comes to getting your website at the top of Search Engine Results. Your new love will help you to navigate the tricky world of search engines and get you ahead of your competitors; the only thing you need to do is treat it right.

You know your standard stuff: keywords, content and H1 tags are all essential features that you need in order to be discovered on platforms such as Google but are you using these to your full advantage?


Use Keywords and Phrases in your meta data on every page

Use H1 Tags that give a brief description of who you are and what you do

Use Alt Text to describe the image being used

Use unique content on each page

Update your website every couple of months – Blogs are a good way to do this as it shows Search Engines that you are still active and that you still contribute to the online community

Mention your name and location in your meta data.

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Copy the keywords from the home page and paste them throughout your site – Google and other Search Engines will most likely see this as spam and may even penalize your site

Have title tags that are longer than 70 characters – Search Engines will cut off any excess characters. Instead consider using the Meta Description for any additional details about the page in question

Change a few words of your body text every now and then – Search Engines will only pick up on changes to full sentences and phrases. They will not notice if you have changed “because” to “as”

Only have a couple of sentences as your body text – Google and other Search Engines will need more information in order to recognise your website as legitimate

Forget to add in Alt Text to your images – Alt Text allows Search Engines to recognise what the image is and categorise them

Repeat yourself in the copy – Don’t just copy content from your home page and post it on another page. Again, Search Engines will see this as Spam.


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