Developing your Brand the Retox Digital way

Developing your Brand

The development of a branding strategy must begin with identifying the brand’s (the business or products) core values.  These are qualities which an organisation deems most important.          

Though these values may not be revealed to the service users, partners and wider general public, they will be incorporated in every aspect of the organisations’ business routine, from customer service, to direct marketing, to website design, to the treatment of its employees and strategic partners across all communication channels. This conveys a consistent perception to the target audience in every medium of communication that is used.

Here at Retox we have many years experience of developing well known brands such as Q Hotels, Peugeot, Business West to name but a few.  We know that consideration for these values should not be taken lightly for these values represent the “creed” for the business and become the cornerstone for developing the brand’s proposition. Although the brand’s proposition may change from time to time, the brand’s core values should remain the same.

Here is an example of the stages we follow:

Stage 1

Pre-concept Information Gathering Questions 

We help  our clients to identify/clarify the ‘Brand Values’ and what they mean.

We do this by taking a creative brief from you and any other stakeholders you may wish to involve within your company. 


The results from the creative briefing meeting is analysed and interpreted by our Creative Designer to create three mood boards and corresponding rationales.

These should then be presented back to gain initial feedback from our clients. 

Our recommendation is that the first stage designs produced by Retox Digital would be presented also to service users and partners to discuss and explore if they are a true representation of the brand for feedback to us. 

The Target Audience Holds the Keys to Your Brand’s Success 

Truly understanding your target audience, in addition to having a realistic assessment of what you’re offering is invaluable in assisting you in the development of a successful brand proposition. This information will also provide insight into how to convey this message in an engaging, relevant, and consistent manner.  

Developing a Brand Statement (Brand Proposition) 

From feedback, development of the brand statement, often referred to as a brand proposition, commences. The brand statement is a promise. It states that if you use our services / products, we promise an outcome your prospect can imagine. The brand proposition must be clearly understood, engaging, presented in the right context for relevancy, and offer a solution to the target audience’s current wants and needs.

Creative Route Development

Once the decision has been made regarding which creative route you would like to follow, this will then be developed into a fully workable style. We will also ensure that the new brand has the flexibility to work across all mediums. 

  • Your brand proposition should convey a message that is: 
  • Aligned with the brand’s core values
  • Clear, Engaging, Unique, and Relevant to your target audience
  • Able to incorporate an element of positive emotional attachment that is better than just “good”
  • Echoed within your business, internally and externally
  • Consistent across multiple marketing and advertising mediums (print, online presence, etc)
  • Continually reinforced within the organisation so that your employees consistently deliver what is promised
  • Echoed by relevant strategic partners
  • Able to adapt to a changing marketplace 

If you are thinking about your Brand, feel free to get in touch for a chat. By using an experienced Design Agency like Retox we take the pain out the process and replace it with Fun and an outcome you will be proud of.  For a no obligation audit of your current brand please get in touch.

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