Chronological Instagram Algorithm



When the Instagram application was first launched in 2010, it used to have a chronological feed. But over the last few years, the main Instagram algorithm has seen many changes. The most significant alteration was when the Instagram feed stopped showing posts in chronological order, changing to show what would be most ‘valuable’ for the user. Instagram had determined that this was a necessary change back in 2016 (updated again in 2017), claiming that stats showed most users were missing out on seeing 70% of all the posts in their feed, including almost half of posts from their close connections and friends. However with this algorithm change, many saw a massive drop in their levels of engagement, and as these changes to Instagram’s algorithms continued, they have been a source of frustration for many creators and companies.


Though recently, there has been a big announcement from Instagram that has sparked curiousity about the coming of the new chronological feed, being slightly different from how it used to be before 2016. There will be two versions of the new algorithm first version will provide you with an option to choose favourites, which will be visible right at the top. The other version will show content from feeds of everyone you follow in chronological order on your feed. The latter is particularly important, as your algorithm-defined feed is going to feature more and more recommendations over time, as Instagram is looking to boost content discovery and get people spending more time, and money, in the app.


However, you won’t be able to make your preference the default option for your app, which means that if you’d like to see your feed in reverse chronological order, you’ll have to manually switch over to your ‘Favourites’ or ‘Following’ feed every time you use the app.

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