4 Factors To Help You Pick A CMS For Your Website

How easy is it to use? Having a CMS that is easy-to-use for all the members on your team is an important factor of choosing a CMS. Regardless of technical abilities, you will want to be able to make change to content, create new pages and amend navigation headings etc.

What tools can you integrate? When choosing a CMS, make sure that you choose one that allows you to integrate your tools and services seamlessly.  Your website visitors will want a seamless experience that allows them browse, book, select and pay for products and services.  

How accessible is it? Accessibility should be at the top of your list when looking for a CMS, as it should be for your website. Meeting website standards is much easier when you have control of the content, colours and full-use of tags and header types.

Is it cost-effective? High-quality doesn’t have to mean expensive, nor does it mean complicated. Choose a CMS that is relative to the level of service that you need and consider the life cycle.  A good CMS should last years and evolve with your need.

We recommend Umbraco as the perfect CMS.

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