2016 – The year of Email Marketing – Retox Digital explore if your business is ready

2016 – The year of Email Marketing – Is your business ready?

Over the coming months we will be taking a look at what the hot trends are in business to put you ahead of your competitors.                                                

Digital Media is widely promised and written about as continuing to be a major developing trend in 2016 for Businesses to sell, grow their client base and communicate with existing clients and develop new markets.

Here at Retox Digital we keep a very close eye on what’s occurring in Digital Marketing and how our clients can get ahead of competitors

Email marketing has seen resurgence during 2015, with the growth of people using mobiles to read emails, consumer content on-the-go is an undeniable must for all businesses now and based on the trends of the last year will be even more so in 2016.  A report from email marketing software provider, BlueHornet shows that 67.2 per cent of consumers use a smartphone to check their email, 42.3 per cent use a tablet while 93.3 per cent regularly use desktop. 

In the business world, desktop remains dominant but mobile and tablet figures are on the rise. As a result of these developments, it’s paramount that all marketing emails are fully-optimised for all devices and are accessible to all your recipients. 

According to the most recent  statistics from Sign-up.To, email statistics for UK SME email marketing campaigns, the average open rate for B2B sales campaigns was 24.8% and the average Click through Rate (CTR) was 2.68%.

So how do these stats apply to what we offer here at Retox Digital and why should you consider your email marketing strategy for the coming year?

We are an experienced provider of digital marketing solutions, our very own solution which was developed with you in mind” Ping” will revolutionise the way you communicate with your customers with a choice of very easy to use Emailers, Newsletters, SMS, handle Events and much more.  You will also be able to access valuable reports to monitor and follow-up on all of your digital campaigns.

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