10 Quick Tips on how to Market your Website by Retox Digital

Marketing your website is every bit as important as having it well designed and developed. 

In today’s digital climate having a website that works hard to increase revenue and sales is critical, especially in a time where a non-existent or outdated website could cost your company hundreds and thousands of pounds in lost revenue.

It’s a necessity to have a marketing strategy to meet the goals of your business and in order to increase traffic and revenue via your website, it will take some effort on your behalf but your efforts will pay off.

Here are some basic tips for anyone with a website:

1.Make a big deal of your new website launch 

You should be proud of your new site, and use this opportunity to contact your clients to let them know about your new site. Let everybody know about any new features and how you have made this investment in your business to do whatever it is you do better, from giving your clients a better user experience, up to date information, news, let your customers know how they will benefit from your new site.

2.Include a Subscription-based Newsletter 

Publish a newsletter on a set schedule, but only one that you can maintain. Ideally, your newsletters should contain informative articles. You don’t need too much content, but the content you have should be eye-catching, easy to read, and something that people want to see. 

If you bore your customers with your newsletter, you won’t be helping to market your website. Create a newsletter that compels people to do something… write a how-to on something related to your industry, or a top 10 tips that people might find interesting.

 3.Add your website to your company’s voicemail message  

Even if it’s something along the lines of, “Leave us a message, or go to our website at ‘Website URL’ for more information” etc. This could be good for out of ours and holiday periods where you can then leave valuable information on your website for things such as emergency contacts etc.

4. Include your website address on everything

When you put your website on all of your company’s marketing collateral make sure it’s easy to read from a distance if on vehicles or signage etc.

5. Make sure you have a Sitemap

Tell Google when you’ve got new content, this tip comes from Google themselves, “If your site is very new, they may not know about it yet. Tell Google about your site. One way to expedite Google’s discovery of new pages is to submit a sitemap. Even if your site is already in the index, sitemaps are a great way to tell Google about the pages you consider most important.” If you aren’t sure if your site has a sitemap indexed with Google, if you’d like help building your sitemap and properly publishing it, contact us and we will help you sort this out.

A sitemap is a basic requirement when building a website so make sure you check that your developer has done this for you,

6. Have your Website Linked on your emails

Use an email signature in your correspondences, and make sure that a link to your website is in it. Not only will this provide for an easy way for your customers and potential customers to find your site, but it will also allow for an easy way for them to visit your site.

7. Use Social Media with your Website

Once your website is up and running, how are people going to find it? Many companies build a website and forget about it.  Make sure you use social networking websites like Facebook, linkedin and Twitter to broadcast your website to those you are in contact with.

8.  News/Blog 

This will get visitors coming to your site to read your news or blog. It adds value to your website, engages with site visitors, can position you as an expert in your field and overall provides additional entry points for organic traffic to your site.

9. Keep your site updated and fresh

Update your website at least once a month as a minimum, it’s important to keep your content fresh, especially if you have an informational site.

10. Make sure your code is up to date 

Having a website that has up to date code, as well as each page having the correct meta information to help the search engines find your site is crucial. 

The key to successfully marketing your website is a never-ending process if you want success and you need to do it.

Take the time to properly work on the items above, and dedicate yourself to doing it right, make the most of your website and see your efforts pay off. 

If you need any help and for further advise come and speak to me and the team here at Retox Digital we will be more than happy to provide you with the solutions to your concerns.  Alternatively ask for a review of your website from us and we will give you an honest and reliable critique.

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