Questions About Website Design

Here are some of the frequently asked questions relating to website design projects




How long does a website take to build?

Projects vary according to the size and complexity of the website itself.   A small website with a contact form, product and services information, google maps, updatable news and events usually takes around three to four weeks depending on our schedules.

How much does a website cost?

The cost of a website varies according to the overall design, the features you want it to include. the number of pages and what specialist functions you might want it to perform.   This is probably not what you want to hear but it's a bit like asking how much does a new car cost?  Prices will vary according to the car make, model and specification.    With websites it's about what platform is used, whether the designs are bespoke and what type of features you want the website to include.  As a basic guideline an entry level website developed by a professional company will start upwards of £1500.

A site that has bespoke design and other features is more likely to cost £3000 upwards.   

Will my website work on mobile phones as well as other devices?

Yes we design and develop websites using responsive web design.  This means you website automatically detects the device it is being viewed on and displays at the correct screen size settings.   When buying a new website ask for responsive design so you know it will work across a range of different devices ad screen sizes.

Who will host and maintain my website once it goes live?

At Retox Digital we host and maintain all of the websites we develop unless a client has there own servers and want to host it themselves.  We charge a hosting and maintenance fee which includes taking regular daily backups of your website for added safety and security.    We offer hosting and maintenance packages to suit every site and budget with hosting start from £40 per month.

Can I update my website content myself?

All of the websites we design and develop come with a content management system so you can update the content yourself.  Web pages are created and updated via an online admin area that you log in to and simply add, amend and delete content.  

Is WordPress the best type of website for me?

There are different types of technology platforms on which to build a website and WordPress is one of them.    There are also other options such as Umbraco, Joomla, Drupal,  Wix and Shopify to consider too.  Each platform has its own benefits and some will be more suitable than others.  It really depends  on what you want your website to do, how bespoke it needs to be and the level of security and features required.    Retox Digital will listen to your needs and recommend a solution that is right for you and your budget.


Where can I get an online shop designed and developed?

Most professional website design and development companies can develop a shopping website for you.  Selling online is known as eCommerce and there are lots of eCommerce options to choose from.    It is essential that you look in to this carefully though as you don't want to be limited by the system you buy or end up paying costly monthly fees or percentages of sales.   Seeking professional advice from the start will save you money in the long run.   At Retox we take you through the various features and options available, so you make the right decision for you and your business.  We can even build you a totally bespoke solution should it be needed.

Where can I find a local website company near me?

You can do a Google search for 'local website company near me'.   Check out each web development company's portfolio of work and visit the websites they've built online.  Remember that web design is an online business and you don't have to find a supplier on your doorstep as the entire process can be carried out remotely online.   If you prefer face to face meetings then most website designers will happily attend meetings. Often websites designed and developed by companies located outside of major cities such as London will be cheaper as they will have lower overheads.


Where can I find a local web designer who can build me a Shopify site?

 Want to build an ecommerce shop online using Shopify but are struggling to get to grips with the technology?   Don't worry there are lots of website design companies who can help you out.   At Retox, we design online shopping websites using Shopify as a solution for a number of clients.   We can help you explore your options so you can see if its right eCommerce platform for you.  There are pros and cons to using solution but for many small businesses it can be the perfect solution.


What is the easiest content management system to use if you are not a techy and want to update your own website content?

We have been building websites on a range of content management platforms for over a decade.   Our recommendation is Umbraco every time.   It's know as the Friendly CMS for a reason!   It takes longer to setup an Umbraco platform which means it can be a little more expensive up front but the benefits are really worth it when you can create beautiful professional pages, add video, images, navigation and meta data yourself.   You will need just basic PC skills to manage every aspect of your website content.   If you'd like a free demonstration of Umbraco CMS then give us a call and get ready to be impressed.

Where can I find a local Umbraco specialist?

You can find a local Umbraco specialist by searching on Google for Umbraco specialist near me or using search terms such as Umbraco specialist Newcastle, Sunderland, Northumberland etc.   You can also visit Umbraco.com or visit one of the many Umbraco forums online.