Website Hosting & Maintenance

Quality website hosting and support provided by Newcastle Agency


Cloud Website Hosting and Maintenance

Once your new website has been designed and built, we will host and maintain the site for you.

You don’t have to worry about it at all.  We will take care of everything making sure that your site is available 24/7 and fully operational. 

If you choose to have a content management system then you can update your website content, adding new pages, images, videos etc.   This is all done in real time and will be fully backed up on a daily basis.

Our packages start from basic hosting to full maintenance agreements where we will deal with any technical issues that may arise in the future.   Technology changes all of the time and when sites are integrated with third party technology such as social media feeds like Facebook and Twitter, updates made on third party software can impact on your site and how it performs.  Having a team of experts managing your site is an important role especially when your website will be your main customer facing marketing tool.

Finding the right level of website hosting and support is crucial and find a team you can trust is essential.   Imagine never servicing your car?  Your website is an important business tool and needs to be regularly maintained and fine tuned to maintain its performance.


What does website hosting and maintenance involve?

Well it means we do everything that’s needed to make sure your site is accessible to your customers at all times.   We make sure it meets industry best practice standards for security and data protection and run diagnostic checks and regularly check the site logs for errors etc.

It includes taking daily backups of your site and storing them remotely so there are always backup copies of your site available should it ever need to be restored.

We are there to support you should you need us and will act quickly to resolve any issues you may have.

Depending on your website you may opt for an annual hosting fee with basic an annual maintenance check and renewal of domain names and security certificates.  If you’re not making a lot of changes to the site and the site has standard functions, then this may be more than enough.

If your site is using a content management system or eCommerce platform then the maintenance becomes much more important and ensuring that it is being checked and regularly maintained becomes essential.  Information such as bank payment gateways need regularly updating along with security, anti-virus, and software updates.


How much does it cost?

It is difficult to give a standard price because the costs do vary according to the size of the site, how much space it takes, traffic levels and the overall resources it needs.  Each website is individual, so we need to look at

  • The size of the website
  • The overall complexity of the site and technology being used
  • The level of resource it will use on our servers
  • The amount of man hours it will take to monitor and maintain the site

To give you a feel for costs a basic website with minimal support costs as little as £1 per day or £365 per annum.

Larger sites with full content management or integrated eCommerce can be maintained from between £75 and £100 per month (this allows for 1 hour’s maintenance each month).

More complex and resource hungry sites may cost more and require a bespoke plan.   These tend to be business critical sites carrying out business transactions such as online shopping, application forms, jobs boards, estate agents or database driven sites that deliver high content.  When you consider the importance of the role of sites like these within a business, the costs are still extremely cost effective.    These bespoke plans are put together based on your needs and the level of support required.    We can work to a given budget if need be and will help you decide on the best plan for you and your team.    This is an area where we recommend you don’t try and cut costs.  

You get what you pay for and many businesses have dreadful experiences of hosting their websites with inexperienced and unresponsive web companies who won’t or can’t help.  We have worked with some clients who have been left with websites that no longer work and have no means of updating or fixing them.   In cases like this the only option is to start again – this is a costly mistake that can be avoided.


Hosting can be invoiced annually, quarterly  or on a monthly basis subject to agreement.  

In order to ensure Retox Digital can provide the best hosting and maintenance services we need to plan our resources in advance.   We therefore require that any cancellation of hosting services is made in writing giving three months notice.


 If you need any further information about our hosting services then give us a call on 01670 785786 or email us at hello@retoxdigital.com