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Many businesses struggle with social media, chasing followers and trying to take short cuts rather than sharing meaningful and engaging content.  So what does it take to create a meaningful and successful social strategy? 

If your business is struggling with social media marketing then get in touch with our social media team and find out how we can help you achieve tangible results online.

Creating a meaningful social media marketing strategy and engaging with your customers online is an opportunity you shouldn't ignore. If it's a lack of understanding or resource that is holding you back then we can help.   

Let us help you develop a Social Media Strategy that works

We can assist you in developing your social strategy and help you to understand how to engage with your customers and prospects effectively in social spaces such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube etc.

Let us support you by creating quality social content and increasing user engagement

It's important that your social media strategy and objectives set the tone for all the social content you produce and clearly identify the messages you want to get across about your business, product, services or brand. Social media platforms are the perfect medium to engage with and influence new and existing customers on a daily basis.   

Retox will help you set social media goals, define your audiences, work out different content and approaches for the different social platforms, create content and graphics and generally improve how you engage with people online.    You can trust us to become an integral part of your team and delivery social media content that builds your brand. 

You keep control of your social media platforms whilst we manage them, create content, design campaigns and post on your behalf.  

Bespoke social media management and support packages you can trust

Our social media team are based in Newcastle upon Tyne and work across the north east region and UK as a whole.  We can offer you support packages that will really help your business make the most of social media opportunities.  Packages can be tailored to meet your individual requirements.

As a local team working from our Seaton Burn office in Newcastle and living in North East of England, we have a strong local and geographical understanding of this region and can use this first hand local knowledge to target audiences across the North East,  Northumberland, Tyneside, Teesside and Yorkshire.  

To get a free quote or social media consultation give us a call on 01670 785 786 or email us today.


Follow our simple checklist to make sure you have an award winning social media strategy

  1. Set clear and measurable goals so you can benchmark your performance
  2. Identify your social media target audiences and key personas
  3. Carry out a social media audit so you understand your starting point
  4. Check out your competitors social media activity and learn what works for them
  5. Decide on your social media channels, tactics and posting frequency 
  6. Set the tone, creative treatment and key messages for your posts
  7. Implement your strategy by posting creative, engaging posts
  8. Analyse your results on an ongoing basis and adjust your campaigns and posts as necessary








Social Media - Customer Experience and Customer Care


Social Media is booming and many businesses large and small are actively promoting and selling their products and services via social media platforms.   This type of social engagement has seen huge growth during the pandemic as lockdown has forced us all to explore new ways of staying engaged with family, friends, communities, and businesses.

Many retail businesses have moved into these social spaces quickly as they reacted to lockdown without thinking of the wider service implications.   Selling and engaging with customers in a social environment creates an expectation from consumers.   The whole dynamics of the customer experience in social channels can change and often customers expectations are that they can engage with you on all aspects of your business within the social platform and not be limited. For many businesses this can pose a real problem in terms of expertise and resource.

‘Social Customer Care’ is the term being used for the way we deal with customer enquiries, complaints and after service issues with the social media space.  Unfortunately, many businesses embark on social media campaigns and promotions without a strategy in place for handling complaints, enquiries and comments, which are often left unanswered leaving customers frustration and reputations damaged.

If you’re selling and engaging with customers via social media sites, then you need to devise a social media customer care plan.   You should gear your business and staff up to monitoring and engaging with customers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. in real time so you build online loyalty and a strong following and reduce the risk of alienating customers.


Social Media Customer Care Tips

  1. Respond to all customer social media messages promptly within 1 hour if possible.
  2. Always remain polite when responding.
  3. Use names, make it feel personal so it doesn't sound automated.
  4. Remember to switch to direct messaging where appropriate to keeps things private and limit bad publicity.
  5. Share or retweet positive responses.
  6. Monitor your brand mentions as not all feedback will come to your directly.
  7. Use what you learn from social media feedback to provide access to better advice and improve your service.


Consider Social Media Management to help you run your social media activity

For many businesses, outsourcing social media marketing and customer care is their preferred option.    Having trained and experienced local people who post and engage with customers in social spaces on your behalf can be more successful, efficient and cost effective.     If you’d like to know more about our social media management services and how it can add real value to what you do, then give us call on 01670 785786 or email hello@retoxdigital.com


Let's build something remarkable together!

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