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Looking for an eCommerce website?  We can help you setup an online shop and deliver the perfect retail customer experience.

There's virtually nothing that isn't already being bought and sold online. For many retailers creating an online shop and payment system can feel like a daunting experience.   Creating or moving a physical shop online is easy with our ecommerce platforms.   Sourcing the right eCommerce software and supplier is key and working with an experienced team like Retox will save you time and money.

At Retox we help you understand your options and talk you through the different features of our online shopping software to make your transition to selling via your website easy and pain free.  We've developed everything from handling simple one-off online payments, creating full-blown online shopping stores with shopping carts, order and stock management, delivery options and click and collect. We can provide you with ready-made website solutions that will have you selling online in no time at all.  There are well known free or low cost entry commercial-off-the-shelf  (COTS) solutions such as Shopify, Shopify Epos, Wix, WooCommerce, Merchello, and ecWid to name but a few.   We also have bespoke options too if you want something a little different and built to your own specification.   

How do you know the system that's best for you?  Well that's why we're here to help you navigate your options.

Our tried and trusted solutions are being used by all types of customers to sell everything from fashion, food and drink, motor accessories, cookers and gift vouchers to handling charity donations and paying for courses and tickets online.

If you're looking for a website that includes online shopping and checkout features so you can take payments online easily in a safe and secure system, you can trust us to source or create the ideal solution for you and your customers.

It's imperative that you choose robust retail eCommerce software to run your online shopping website, but you also need to think carefully about choosing the right designers too.   It is the design that brings your store to life and helps differentiate you from the competition.   Research shows that online users take just seconds to decide if they like the look of a business.   You can spend huge sums of money driving people to your website but if they don't like what they see, its money wasted.   Bespoke design, quality images, typeface, layout. headlines etc. all come together to create the right look and feel that will appeal to buyers and create strong first impressions.   We recommend steering clear of off-the-shelf themed template pages and do it yourself drag and drop websites - Whilst they may save you money upfront, they will cost you more in lost sales. 

Explore your options and find the best eCommerce software to run your online business

We work with a range of online shopping solutions to meet all needs and budgets, so if you're looking to find someone to help you with your online store then you've come to the right place.     We partner all types of online retailers and will help find the perfect online shopping platform.  We have a great selection of software options but can build in third party solutions such as Shopify if required.  We also develop bespoke platforms too so you will always find something that is right for you.  Our in-house eCommerce software is robust, tried and tested and is running all types of different online stores selling everything from gifts, signs, white goods and Aga ranges to sports supplements and clothing.

We have worked with a broad range of secure payment gateway providers including Worldpay, Barclays, Sagepay, PayPal, Stripe and Lloyds Bank so we are happy to help you discuss the various options open to you and help you navigate the various secure payments portals pros and cons.

eCommerce systems differ and have different features and cost models.  Some providers charge on a percentage of transaction value, others offer a set monthly fee and some have a charging structure which is a combination of both.   You also need to remember that you will also have fees charged by the bank or secure payment gateway providers too, which will be transaction based.      

Don't let any of the above put you off, this is where our knowledge and expertise comes in to play.   We will discuss what you want to sell and how you want to sell it, as well as any budget constraints you have.   We will then take you through your eCommerce software options and help you make the best possible choice for your new online store.  Our team will then design, develop and launch your new online store for you and support you when it's up and running.    

You can trust us to give you the best professional advice and build you an online store that's fit for purpose.  We then provide any help or support you may need until you become self-sufficient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It can take anything from 4 weeks to 12 weeks to build and launch your new ecommerce shopping website.  A lot depends on the size of the site, the ecommerce system you want to use to sell products and the number of products you will be selling.

The average site takes around 7 weeks from start to finish so you can launch your online shop pretty quickly.  

Many of our clients already have banking providers in place and have a good idea of what secure payment gateway provider they want to use.  

We will talk you through the various payment providers you can choose from and help you source a provider who offers the most agreeable terms and charges.

We work with providers such as Sage, Worldpay, PayPal, Stripe, Barclay and Lloyds to mention just a few, so you can be confident that we can integrate your preferred secure payment provider into your online shop to process your payments securely.

Prices can vary considerably depending on the features and functions you want from your system.

eCommerce comes in a shapes and sizes from template driven solutions from Shopify and Squarespace to more complex and bespoke solutions.

At Retox we have our own eCommerce software solutions that suit most businesses.  We are also happy to work with other third-party software solutions such as Shopify if you feel its a better fit for you.

eCommerce Software providers will usually charge an initial setup fee to design and develop the online shopping website and then charge a set monthly fee  over a minimum contract period of 24 months.

Here at Retox we will offer much more flexible payment plans on our own eCommerce technology and will try to come up with a plan that suits your needs and budget.

We tailor our eCommerce software solutions to meet your individual needs.   

Some of our clients only have one or two products and therefore wanted a simple system that allows customers to quickly order and pay online.  They did not require sophisticated admin areas or shopping cart features.

Other clients may sell hundreds of products in a range of different sizes, colours etc. and require discounting features, postal charging structures etc.  

Retox will help you understand the options and provide a solution that is a perfect fit for you.  

Our standard eCommerce solutions are scalable so they can grow to accommodate as many products as you need.

We are always happy to demonstrate our systems.

 A lot of suppliers will provide you with an empty eCommerce system and expect you to add all of your own products.

At Retox we take a more hands on approach and will upload your products to the site on your behalf or work alongside you if you simply need more help.  Our quote will include a price for uploading your products.

You can even have a monthly support package after your site has gone live.  This is great for any business who may need some support in keeping their site updated.

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