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Content Marketing

In recent years social media has brought a completely new dimension to PR and opened up new, exciting and highly interactive channels to speak directly to customers. 

Editorial content, personal recommendation and other ‘word of mouth’ reviews will often carry far more weight than advertising and pound for pound will deliver more value. The skill comes in getting it right, the right tone of voice, the right message, the right timing and the right audience. 

Content Marketing is about delivering a range of messages from creating the right content pages on your website to intelligent media campaigns, PR and even internal communications. Getting these messages right and keeping them consistent requires management, planning and expertise that shouldn't be underestimated. Every message you put online or in print reflects on your business so it takes more than an understanding of social media to produce effective online communications. 

If you’re thinking of embarking on a content marketing strategy or simply need some ad-hoc support to create and write some website content, social media posts or blogs then give us a call.

Retox Digital have in-house expertise and a network of PR professionals who have decades of experience and a proven track record for delivering results.

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