The changes within the system to facilitate members of the public engaging directly with Barristers may mean you have to take a look at how you currently operate and market your services.


Whilst you and I are familiar with the Bar Council Directory and other professional legal directories, members of the public are not.  You may rely on your own Chambers to promote you or even have your own website but does this get you and your specialism across in a way that will engage with the prospective clients.

Members of the public rely heavily on search engines like Google to research and locate the products and services they need.  They use generic keywords to search so how would you do if they search ‘Barrister North East’  ‘Family Law Newcastle’ Employment Law Northumberland"?

This huge potential market is ready to tap into providing you have the right website which is fully optimised and search engine friendly.  Don’t rely on an old site that isn't’ mobile friendly and probably being penalised everyday by Google for old content, poor code and lack of up to date technology.

Let us help you make the most of the public access scheme with a highly professional, engaging website that allows new clients to make an informed decision about your services so you get the cases you wish to represent.

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