Planning a new website


1. What role will it play for your business – an online brochure, lead generator, online shop, information or education hub etc.
2. Who will use the site
3. What information will they expect to find there
4. How often will the information change or need to be updated
5. Consider the value or benefits users will get from their visit and what will make them keep coming back
6. When will they use it
7. What will make you standout from your competitors – your unique selling points
8. Image a customers journey starting with why they would need you, how they would find you, the information or products they would view and any action they will need to take
9. What information you would like to capture from site visitors and how you want to use it

Answering the above questions will help you formulate a fairly detailed brief for your new website. You can then use this as the basis for your discussion with website designers and web agencies.