Choosing the best web design agency



Choosing the right web developers to work with can seem a daunting task.   The first thing most people ask is where can I find a  a web design agency or web developer near me.   Businesses often like to work with a web design agency that is local to them, but remember with Microsoft teams and virtual meetings the actual quality of support and skills of the website designer and web developer should be your main focus.  

Its important to also think about your web design project as a journey.  The launching of your new site is just the beginning and not the final destination.   You have to consider how your website will be managed and maintained and how it needs to adapt and change to meet your medium and long term needs.  You want to find someone who can continue to support you rather than simply finding a local developer who can build you a website. 

1. Decide what your aims and objectives are for your website – what will success look like?
2. Set a budget, be realistic about what you can afford and what it can achieve
3. Make a short list of web agencies and check out each company's portfolio of work
4. Assess their experience, technical know how and track record
5. Compare apples with apples ( a freelancer working out of a bedroom is always going to be cheaper but that doesn’t make            them the best web design option for you)
6. Think about the support you might need once the site is live
7. Take up references and look at what other clients say
8. Ask for a written proposal so you know exactly what you’re getting for the money
9. Ask for a demonstration of the technology that will be used so you know it’s right for you
10. Check the work is being done in-house and not being sent offshore or to a freelancer where there is no accountability or              quality control.                                                                                                                                                            11. Where will your site be hosted?   Do you want the same company to host and maintain the site for you?


Follow these basic tips and you will find a professional web design agency with a team of qualified web designers and developers who can support you on your digital journey.